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I Am An Apple

By admin / January 9, 2015 / 0 Comment

Confession time: I did not want to go to church last Sunday, because it was the beginning of a new sermon series, AGAIN!  Seems that this is the new “trend” in church messages-six weeks on the same topic. What happened to teaching from the bible, (that’s another blogpost)?  I was NOT excited about this “I Am” series, because I have heard this before, really I have and I thought what am I going to hear that is new?

If I learned nothing new, I would not be writing about it; but as we all know, this is exactly when God shows up and teaches me something big or reminds me gently of what I used to know, but have conveniently forgotten.

It was toward the end of the message when the pastor says that I am exactly who God made me to be, we cannot argue with that, our shape, our size, our minds, our bodies, are all exactly like God planned. I leaned over to a friend and said, “But I don’t want to be an apple”!  She laughed, then gently scolded me and said, “have you not heard anything he has said?”  You see, my body type is an apple, round and plumper in the middle; I look at others and think, if I could be a pear with a flatter stomach, it would be better, or what if I were straight with no curves, wouldn’t that be easier to fit?

BUT I did hear the message and began to frantically take notes to remind myself. I share these with you, because the whole point is that God made me, he chose ME, he designed me, he wants ME to be who I am, because he is who he IS!

  • God’s Titles:       My titles:
  • Truth                       Mother
  • Power                      Teacher
  • Strength                  Daughter
  • Love                         Sister
  • Forgiveness            Sister-in-law
  • Father                      Aunt
  • Peace                       Friend
  • Patience                  Mentor
  • Alpha/Omega        Employee
  • Sovereign                Blogger
  • Holiness                  Homeowner
  • Healer                      Citizen

Go to the internet and search personality tests and there are 8,310,000 results. Yep – all those places to go to see who I am. The real question is: “Who is best qualified to tell me who I am, tell me my identity?” It is not my work (vocation), my stuff  (our public way of expressing ourselves), my family (our need for relationship), our age/wisdom (self-righteousness). It is GOD!

My “I Am Series:Week One” Lessons:

  1. Calling is different than identity.
  2. I NEVER have to explain to God who I am; wow, that is freedom!
  3. I am hard wired to be an innovative traditionalist, because God decided that.
  4. I am NOT any of my titles; they do not define me.
  5. I am who God made me, end of story – AMEN!

And yes I am going back next week – not about to miss what God wants to tell me next!

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