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Let’s Talk About Girlfriends

By admin / May 9, 2015 / 0 Comment

I’m a homebody – through and through.  So accepting an invitation to go out on a Saturday night was a struggle, especially when it’s 90 minutes away with friends I don’t see often.  But I said yes and went.

As we ate dinner and laughed and then went to a couple bars with bands and music, we were talking and laughing and having a great time.  I just felt so good; lifted up, cared for, and happy from the inside out and not like a third wheel. I asked my two friends, “How long have we known each other?” Well, we figured out that we’ve been friends for almost 35 years.  But the two of them have been friends since the third grade – best friends.  So you know how long that is?

Between us we have three divorces, four children,one remarriage, one about to be, and one still single. There’s been weight gain and loss; fractured sibling relationships, ill siblings; death of parents and crazy families and judgmental ones.  One is remarried for a long time – happily too – he is the greatest guy for her!  The other one is dating someone and he is an amazing fit for her too.  We have seen each other only sporadically through the years since we graduated from high school.  But since our 25th reunion, we have made a point to get together more often to make NEW memories. We don’t live in the past; we live and assimilate into each other’s lives.  I love that!

Sheila and Melissa, Melissa and Sheila: they are an inseparable pair, a rock solid friendship. I am so blessed that they are my friends: they never judge, always love, and sit in my balcony cheering me on, praying for me, supporting me, and would be there in a heartbeat for me.  On the drive home late that Saturday night, I realized girlfriends are a vital part of my life and I am incredibly blessed! And yes, keep calling me out of my comfort zone!

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