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By admin / July 9, 2015 / 0 Comment

I hugged my son good bye as he headed back to college after winter break. He left a day early to beat a winter storm that was coming and I know he felt a bit guilty, because we were supposed to spend the day together. He waited until the end of his five weeks home and now he’d run out of time.

As I hugged him, I cried; he’s come to anticipate that. As I hugged him and cried, I laughed and said, “I have no idea why I’m crying; I’m READY for you to go. It’s TIME!”  He feigned being insulted and laughed too.

Why do I cry each time he leaves when in reality I am okay that he doesn’t live here all the time anymore? What is it in each of us that the emotions bubble to the surface?

I think it’s TIME. We’ve all heard the cliques, time goes so fast, don’t waste time, and the older we get the faster time goes. It’s true; and as a mom of growing up boys, it’s not that I’m sad about them leaving. In fact, there’s secret joy that I don’t have to cook as much as I did. There’s secret joy that the house stays neat and clean more than it used to. There’s secret joy that I can make plans without worrying about their schedules first.

But time goes so fast sometimes that I don’t have time to adjust my thinking. Each time Doug leaves for school, I know it’s one step closer to him being completely on his own. It means that life is changing quickly. I know what it was like in the past, but the future, literally we do not know. So we trust that we just keep going, making good decisions based on the lens of glorifying God in our lives.

My lesson: don’t wait to spend time with the people around you. Cleaning and work and stuff will wait, time will not!

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