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Everyone Needs a Balcony Person

By admin / August 9, 2015 / 0 Comment

Several years ago I came across this article about a person who had made a list of thirty people that he wanted to meet. Among them were famous people and rich people and high profile people. Throughout his life, he had the chance to meet them all, and was expressing his disappointment. As he was talking with God about this, God’s response was, “You made the wrong list. Make another list, number it to 30 and leave them all blank. I will fill in the list by the people I want in your life.” That was life changing for me.

Recently I heard the phrase “balcony people” and loved it. It helped me reflect, who is in or has been in my balcony?  Whose balcony am I in? It has provided me with so much reflection about the people and purposes.

The first Saturday in November, I spent the day with a very, very dear friend and after he left, I realized that he is one of my most favorite blessings in my life. He is my favorite balcony person. And I know that I am in his balcony too.

I have known him for 18 years and our friendship has been through the raising of my kids as a single mom, hours and hours of phone conversations and discussions about education and teachers. We have watched his kids get married and then have kids. He has counseled and coached me. He has been very blunt with advice. He has encouraged me on days when it was so damn hard, I didn’t think I could do it. He has supported me professionally. He has encouraged my boys. He listens and helps me see situations from a different perspective. He laughs with me. He is kind and walks on the outside of the sidewalk to show me chivalry is still sweet. He reassures me. He is patient. He understands seasons of life. He walks down memory lane realistically. He is there. And I am happy when I see him, like to my toes happy, get to talk to him and hang out with him. He allows me into his heart and mind. He welcomes my challenges of him. He tells me stuff. He gives me glimpses into the future, the good, bad, ugly, and awesome stuff. He reminds me that self-care is critical as a single person. He prays for me and my kids. I pray for him too. It is comfortable and real, not pretentious. He is humble and faithful and stands strong on principles, even if they are not popular, and he challenges my brain. My life would be way different if he hadn’t been in my balcony for the past 18 years; that I know for sure.

Everyone needs a balcony person like him in their life. Everyone needs to be that kind of balcony person for someone else. It opens your heart and fills it up and is so full of joy, it is miraculous and inexplicable.

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