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I’ve Become My Mom

By admin / September 9, 2015 / 0 Comment

It is Sunday morning and I’m sitting in a comfy chair in my “revised” bedroom, loving the morning quiet. You know that kind of quiet that just gives you calm, peace, strength that no matter what happens in the next 12 hours, you know you can do it?  You know the kind of quiet that God can really get to you and you can hear or know His thoughts and plans for you?

As I sit here, I realize I’ve become my mom! You see in the corner of her bedroom, she has a rocking chair, from my grandpa. She has a prayer table, made by my dad (just like the one I have), and on that table, she has books and devotionals and journals and pencils. Yep, mine looks similar to hers. I always remember that my mom has had that as part of her life. Now as the mother of five children, I have no idea when she sat quietly, probably at 5:00 am in the morning.

I just know I WANTED TO BE LIKE HER!  Through my life, before I had children, I did a variety of quiet times or attempted to set up a system, because I’m a system, routine girl. It was after my son Doug was born and I called my mom and asked her to tell me how to pray. Yep, that’s what I asked, “Mom, how do you do your quiet time? What should I do to organize it or make it happen the right way?”  I remember thinking that my mom was a woman of faith and if I could just do what she did, it would “work”.

She told me she journaled and she read scripture and then pondered that scripture and wrote what came to her. She shared that she read devotionals or scripture studies or other things that helped her interpret or bring to life the scripture. Well, I had my bible, I got a journal, I had the Guidepost (which is a family staple for us for years); I had it all. I even got up early before Doug would wake up and take my things to the patio (California weather was always good for morning patio time) and emulate my mom!

As I sit here in the quiet this morning, I think about whether that worked. Well it must have, I’m still sitting here in a chair in the morning having a HUGE yearning to spend time with the Lord. I’m the mom of a 17 year old and 19 year old, who are, by the grace of God, on the right path so far. Have I done exactly what my mom has done? Oh no, but isn’t that the point; there’s no system for praying or your faith or spending time with God. It’s all about the FRUIT it yields.

My mom is a living, breathing, blessing and example of you reap what you sow and has an infinite example of producing good fruit because of her time with the Lord.

  • She is a working partner with my dad on the farm. She can carry some buckets!
  • She never complains about work; in fact, she finds joy in helping others.
  • She takes meals to families.
  • She has spent hours with those who are dying, singing them to heaven.
  • She writes letters of encouragement to people she doesn’t even know.
  • She does bible studies with a group of ladies.
  • She came to help everyone of her children with their new babies.
  • She always puts family first.
  • She decorates her house for every single season.
  • She has the courage to give talks about marriage to groups of people.
  • She’s been through the death of a son, mother, father, tornadoes, and health issue with my dad and yet, has faith that does not waiver.
  • She takes 714 phone calls a day and never seems frustrated with questions about recipes or kids or family or schedules.
  • She is willing to learn new things: computer, internet, texting!
  • She drops everything to run to pick up tractor parts for the guys.
  • She makes lunch for the men in the field.
  • She is an integral part of her church community.
  • She spends time visiting with people who are struggling in some way.
  • She took care of her dad through illness.
  • She took care of her in-laws sacrificially.

One time years ago, a word was used to describe my mom – sturdy!  Now at first, what woman wants to be described as sturdy – really?! The definition of that word is strongly and solidly built. My mom is 5’2”, probably 105 pounds soaking wet, so you don’t think sturdy when you see her. When I think about her life, HECK YES she’s sturdy. Her faith, her foundation, is ROCK solid, strongly and solidly built. She is beautiful and wonderfully made with this incredible desire to do God’s work quietly and steadily every day. Biblically, Proverbs 31 women, she is THAT woman: a true image of God, helpmate, support, living, breathing example of a Godly woman, divinely designed by God.  And she’sMY mom!

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