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My Job is Inspiring

By admin / September 9, 2016 / 0 Comment

One week:

  • 23+ hours in the car
  • 1350+ miles on the road
  • Four nights, four different hotel rooms
  • Presentations with a group of 70, 2, 30, students, educators, business people, community leaders
  • 5 days away from home

If you read just this, you probably wouldn’t think it was a very good week.

BUT it was…my random thoughts this week.

Did you know that Vincennes, Indiana is the oldest city in the state of Indiana? Did you know that the people in Vincennes start their meetings with a prayer, in a room of over 70 people: educators, business and community leaders? Did you know they are proud of their community and are supporting one another in big endeavors?  I know this because I spent an entire morning with them. Seventy people in a room, talking about the future of their world and their community. Truly inspiring.

How many people would leave a four hour meeting energized and having made new friends?  When I listen to people talk about their community, and their stories, and their children, and the way they want to help the world around them, I am honestly humbled and privileged to get to be a part of that every day. At their core, people are truly kind and beautiful and want to make a difference. Thank you New Haven, Indiana!

Bradley Sexton is a teenager you should know. I had a 90-minute conversation with this senior from Robinson Illinois. He was so excited about all that he got to do in Chicago this summer. This thought came to me while we were talking, as I as driving through the rain. “Have you ever had the sunshine come right through in the middle of the darkest, gloomiest day?”  I did. This kid is why CEO works. He is questioning and excited and thinking. When I asked him about his senior year and whether he was going to have fun or “just work”. He responded that what he is doing with CEO is fun. This is why our youth are the biggest asset that we have. They don’t think like us; they don’t have a traditional workplace like we do; they are worth our investment of time and energy, to get to know them and to learn from them. They ARE our future. If you don’t know a CEO student, I challenge you to meet one. You will feel like you are walking on sunshine in the middle of the rain.

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