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I’m NOT mowing yet!

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Ecclesiastes 3:1 There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens.

Living in the Midwest, we have the joy of seeing four very distinct seasons(sometimes within an hour)!  They come and go with levels of intensity that do not require our input. The calendar dictates the official beginning of the next season, but that doesn’t mean that’s the exact moment when the next season arrives. Take this year; my grass is green and growing and in need of mowing and it’s only March 5, for crying out loud. And where was my winter snow storm, the 12 inches that snowed us in for a day or two?  I am not ready for spring…

But as the Bible teaches us, there is a time for everything. Sometimes those seasons last a really, really long time and sometimes, it seems only a blink. Please allow me to share a major change of season with you.

The season of “adulting”. I’m sure we can all list multiple people in our lives who can’t wait to be independent, on their own, an adult making their decisions. We as adults, in the middle of this lllllooooooonnnnggggggg adulting season know, it’s not all that it’s cracked up to be. That season has come for me; I’m the mom of an adult!

Tomorrow, March 6, my oldest son begins a new season of his life and enters Fire Academy. My mom’s heart is SO proud and super excited and has full confidence that God has ordained this for his life. My son said it best when he received the job offer to become a firefighter, “Wow I think I just grew up in four seconds flat?” Yep you did, BUT God has been preparing him for the past six years.

Mission Trip: When he was a sophomore in high school, he came to me and said he felt that God was calling him to a mission trip, but he knew there were obstacles: money, passports, safety. We prayed a lot and that was the first time I truly let go and let God take care of the son with whom he entrusted me. God removed every single roadblock, and let me tell you, the enemy was working overtime. I was chastised over and over for allowing my son to go into a dangerous place with drug cartels. I was even told he would be killed and that I’d have that on my heart for life. I ALWAYS had peace about his decision to take the trip, because I knew if God called him, God would protect him.

His prayer request/focus during the trip was for discernment and clarity about his career path. This mission trip was so transformational. Within two weeks after he got back, he came to me with the realization that becoming a fire fighter was his calling.  Over the course of the next couple months, his calling was affirmed multiple times and he has never looked back.

At the age of 20, he will begin his career, sooner than he planned, but then God’s timing of seasons doesn’t correspond to our timing, right? He has had to learn about salary and benefits and pensions and budgeting. He has had to stop his college for a period of time. He has had to think differently than most 20 year olds. He has had to choose that despite this city not being his first choice, that God is making the way very clear and to be obedient.

People ask me if I’m afraid or if his career choice makes me nervous. No, I am not afraid, nervous or worried. First, my mom and dad instilled in us, if you love what you do, it’s not work. My son LOVES this profession. He is supposed to be there. The other reason I’m not nervous or fearful is that God chose him for this; he has placed his favor over him, which in short means, “God’s got this!”

It is fun to see them grow up, becoming their own person, making decisions, seeking wisdom from their elders. Just like seasons are meant to change and grow us, so is this next season for children.

Make no mistake, all this is absolutely true; AND let me not pass over the fact that he now has a J.O.B., and every parent or child who’s been here before knows what that means – he’s off the payroll.  Now that is a new season for me, and it has come early like this spring 2017. I haven’t redecorated his room yet; but I’m not going to lie, I have thought about it!

Jesus, let us embrace the seasons as they come, sooner or later than we expect. Let us see YOU in the blessings of each step!  I pray favor and protection over the men/women starting Fire Academy this week!

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