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An Incredible Woman: My Mom!

By admin / May 20, 2018 / 4 Comment

May 8, 2018

As I was driving and looking out the window at the newly planted fields, I saw just the hints of corn sprouting out of the black dirt. I LOVE that about spring time. It made me think of my mom, because at that very moment, she was on the tractor, loving every minute of the dirt and not taking for granted that living on a farm allows glimpses of God all day long!

Have you ever had an experience of tasting a great food, seeing an incredible movie, reading an exceptional book or other experiences that you just couldn’t wait to share with someone else?  That is the way I feel about my mom. Each time I get to spend any amount of time with her, I leave thinking: people should meet her, know her, spend time with her, listen to her and experience this woman.

Is she perfect? Nope!  Did we have moments in our relationship over the years where we didn’t “get along”?  Yep! Are there things that drive me crazy? Of course. And you better believe she would say the same about me!! (Those stories are for another blogpost!)

In the past year, I have had the honor of several wonderfully unexpected conversations with my mom that gave me a glimpse into this complicated, rock solid, funny, beautiful woman. Here’s what I have learned:

She is fiercely loyal about and to her family and I mean ALL of us, from her 90 + year old sisters, to her adult nieces and nephews, to her own four children and ten grandchildren. She is PRESENT with them!

She embraces learning new things. Now, let me say, and I didn’t have permission to say this, so I’ll repent to her in person later, she is 73 years old and has a smartphone and has admitted just the slightest addiction to it. Seriously, she wants to learn and keep up and pushes through the complete discomfort of this whole “technology” thing. Ask her grandkids, she can text!

She is a fiercely praying woman, who loves Jesus with every fiber of her being. For as long as I can remember, she would light a candle as she was praying for something in particular. Let’s just say she has kept the candle factories in business. Yes I would love to be a fly on the wall in her conversations with God; she does speak her mind- LOVE that. She has always been my role model in my faith journey and relationship with Jesus.

She has grit: emotionally, physically, spiritually, and mentally. She has experienced devastating circumstances in her life and has chosen to be blessed by them and grow from them and beyond that, help others through their struggles. It is beyond inspiring.

She continues to develop herself: books, current events, new skills! She has such a great sense of humor, but then anyone who raises four kids on a dairy farm probably should have that quality or else it’s a long, long life! I am constantly amazed at how she engages with everyone, young to old. She does not sit on the sidelines, that’s for sure. Beware, there is a bit of a competitive streak in her!

Her heart is so gentle and tender and helping others is in her DNA! She never arrives at any gathering without food, specifically desserts. While I want to share my mom with everyone, sharing her lemon meringue pie will NOT be an option. She doesn’t want the spotlight; she does what she does because this who she is, generous!

She and my dad have been married for 53 years and frankly, I am envious of them. The amount of respect and the level of intimacy between them after all these years is awe-inspiring. I LOVE to watch her face when she talks about him; the love (and sometimes frustration) just radiates from her. I treasure the “girl-talk” conversations that we have had, which demonstrate that marriage still takes work and compromise even after 53 years but is completely worth it. I admire her willingness and ability to talk about hard topics and face reality while still finding joy in every single day. It is simply beautiful.

If you look at my mom, you will see that she is beyond beautiful and has incredibly youthful genes. For that I am grateful (I hope I get that too). But beyond the outward, I hope that when I am 73, I have a fraction of the strength and humility and joy and character that my mom has and that my children love me the way I love my mom.

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