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A Miracle!

By admin / July 15, 2018 / 0 Comment

I had unexpected privilege to meet Cathy, an elementary principal in Mancos, CO through a consulting client. When I heard about Cathy, it was like hearing about a legend. She was vibrant and absolutely loved as an administrator, in the community, always doing for others and being a deep part of the community, willing to participate in so many ways, including emceeing events.
I first met Cathy in January 2017, just slightly one year after a tragic accident that changed her life. Cathy was hit by a semi in January 2016, suffering a traumatic brain injury.  She was in a coma for many days and in rehabilitation for months. This vibrant woman, this legendary community member, this sharp intellectual woman was now fighting for her life, having to relearn everything: eating, talking, walking, thinking. The road in front of her would be long.
Six weeks after my first meeting with Cathy, I met her again and was amazed at the progress she made in that short time. She was making progress. She shared with me that with a traumatic brain injury (TBI) a person has two years from the time of the accident to make progress and then it will, for the most part, stay at that level. She was nine months from her two year mark. She described to me how much progress she had made, but the one thing that she and the doctors were resigning themselves to not changing was double vision.
Since I was there to screen several of her elementary students, I explained the progress that TBI patients see with lenses and she was willing to be screened.  What happened in her screening was, in that very second, that the second layer of color we chose, changed her life.  Her body instantly changed, relaxed, and she no longer saw double. It was LIFE-CHANGING! It was one of those “had to be there” moments.  Right after that happened, her superintendent walked into the room and it was more than evident that a miracle had taken place.
Now that her brain is calm with the lenses, she is anticipating even more progress in the next nine months up to her two year mark, and will see just how much more progress she can make.  Cathy is wearing lenses now and no longer feels as if she spun on a baseball bat right before trying to walk.
I have screened hundreds of clients in 23 years and this was the most amazing, because of her brain injury. A miracle!

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