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Life-Changing Moment

By admin / July 15, 2018 / 0 Comment


I met Brodee in May 2015. He was just finishing his junior year in high school and had struggled for many years.  His grandma saw Helen Irlen on the Doctors Show and shared that with Brodee.  When he saw it, much of the information resonated with him, so they called me.
From the moment that Brodee and his grandma sat down for the screening, it was evident that this would be life-changing for him. After a few minutes of gathering his academic history, I simply asked him “what does the page look like”.  He was stunned about this question, because no one had ever asked it before.  He responded by telling me that it moved and went in circles a little bit. Throughout the screening, Brodee gained confidence in his abilities. He had struggled academically in school, had a speech impediment which had a negative effect as well. His reading was particularly slow and he was not reading at grade level.
When we found the right color overlay for Brodee, it was like Christmas. He became calmer, his body relaxed and he was able to read much more fluently. It was like a new discovery for him. He was able to get his lenses after a few weeks into his senior year, but in the meantime, he began to advocate more for himself in his classes; asking for the lights to be turned off, for his work to be copied on colored paper. He knew there was nothing wrong him!  It was the way his brain perceived the light and it was offensive so it caused negative symptoms.
Brodee has now graduated from high school, holds a full-time job, and wears his lenses all the time. He has shared with me that his life is different; he couldn’t work in the environment he does if he didn’t have his lenses. It was too light, chaotic, too many people and his anxiety would be too much. Check out our FB live interview!  Brodee himself has stated that this was life-changing for him!

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