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About Cheryl

I’ve always known that I do not fit into a box.

Growing up as a dairy farmer’s daughter, my family was established on rock solid traditions: hard work, family time, structured days to get the work done, planting gardens, harvesting the produce, canning for the year ahead, church on Sundays with a great big meal afterward.

I grew up a homebody; staying close to home because it was an amazing place to be, to live, to work and play.

I have often said it is quite tough living in my head, because the world of solid tradition I have at my core, is in constant dissonance with the world in which I must live.

But something inside me has stirred for years, and after many years of questioning, I finally came to understand that I am an INNOVATIVE TRADITIONALIST! I am so excited to finally have a label that fits.

Age has helped me EMBRACE it rather than fight it – okay on most days!

My unexpectedly diverse experiences have helped me become the woman I am today. Every day I look forward to working with businesses, organizations, adults and children to equip them with the tools, knowledge and confidence they need to follow their own path.

And because I have that traditional background, but thrive on thinking outside of and pushing through the box, I am able to bring people and situations to life in a way that makes those around me feel comfortable, understood and also equipped with the steps they need to take those steps forward towards their goals.

For the sake of simplicity, let’s say my thoughts can fit into these four categories. Be fully aware that within these categories, there is a lot going on that can lead you to some wonderful places!  Come with me!

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