I Am Cheryl Mitchell

I'm about equipping you for growth.

I am unique. I flourished in both public and private education. I succeeded in corporate America. I thrived in the non-profit, entrepreneurial world and the tech space.

What's in your way?

  1. Do you have a business idea, but lack clarity about vision or mission?
  2. Do you have a project that is so overwhelming you just can't start?
  3. Is your organization (employees or executive team) in need of inspiration or education?
  4. Do you crave professional development, but lack accountability?
  5. Is there "something going on", but you can't identify it as it relates to reading, learning or a physical obstacle that affects your day?

We'll identify and remove the obstacles in your way. Let's connect and get you moving in the direction you desire. 

Hire Me


Irlen Method

Irlen Syndrome is a perceptual processing dysfunction. This means that the brain does not process visual information properly. 

 The Irlen Method finds the the precise color needed to block wavelengths of light to which each brain is uniquely sensitive.

Vision/Mission Coaching

Cheryl was instrumental in helping us create a vision statement and mission statement for Central Illinois Connection. With these basic steps, we were able to focus on formalizing our plans and goals.  She also provided us with a tremendous service of creating a presentation for various stakeholders.

Workshop Facilitation

I facilitate workshops of various lengths, from two hours to full-day sessions. My workshops are interactive with the purpose of equipping the participant with resources to implement in their personal or professional life.

Topics include: Work/Life balance, Brain-Based Learning, Communication Styles, and Goal Setting.

Speaking Engagements

Are you in need of a keynote speaker for your event? I am an interactive speaker, with a sense of humor, delivering a purposeful message.

Individual Coaching

I work with individuals to bring out the best in them. As a coach, I am here to help my clients solve problems, reach goals, design a plan of action, make decisions, and deepen their self awareness.